The New Signup Survey

Do you know why new subscribers join your list? If not you run the risk of missing the mark with your content topics and offers. The new signup survey is specifically designed to help you understand who is subscribing to your email list and what progress they are hoping you can help them make.

With this strategy we’ll write a personal welcome email and use Typeform to create a simple survey we can automatically send to new subscribers so you can capture insights day and night.


X out of Y

Create a free account on Typeform, the awesome tool we’ll use to build our survey

Build a survey to ask subscribers why they signed up

Write a personal welcome email that asks a question

Setup notifications to share new responses with our team

Test and publish 🚀

Want us to take customer research off your plate?

If you’re overwhelmed by where to start and how to do it all, I can handle the research for you.

I’ve been doing customer discovery and Jobs to Be Done interviews for more than five years and my battle-tested system has you covered. From identifying who to speak with and why, to organizing and sharing insights with your team, I’ll help you identify the information you need so you can drive the growth you want.

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