Tactical Insights For Getting Closer To Your Customers

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ButcherBox Homepage Audit
Conversion rate optimization expert Jon MacDonald tears down the ButcherBox homepage using insights from a customer interview.
19 Customer Interview Questions + 6 Secrets for Unbiased Insights
Questions to ask during customer interviews to understand the interviewee’s day-to-day life, their existing needs, motivations, and behaviors.
Survey design fundamentals
We lay out 6 actionable steps to avoid common survey pitfalls and ask the right questions to capture valuable customer insights and make confident strategic decisions.
How to use audience research to create a content strategy
Understanding why your customers buy and the words they use to describe their emotions and motivations provides the puzzle pieces you need to craft an effective content strategy,
How to apply customer insights for bottom line impact
We know customer research can impact the bottom-line in theory, but how can we get results in practice. We explore 4 ways to turn voice of customer data into revenue.
Black Lives Matter
We cannot build a sustainable future for all without actively addressing the systemic racism and injustice facing the Black community. Inaction is simply not an option.
How Glossier built customer feedback loops and a BFF brand
What we can learn from Glossier and their relationship with customers.
Prototypes vs. MVPs and how to run discovery experiments
Choosing the right discovery method is hard. Here’s how to get it right.
Why Product Led Growth is really customer led
Product-led growth is gaining traction. But is it, as the name implies, actually about the product?
Understanding customers with Jobs to Be Done
Learn to user interviews to understand the job to be done customers hire your product to do.
How to write a product hypothesis
Learn how to increase your speed to learning and sidestep huge opportunity costs in the process.
Product "bets" with one-pagers
Learn how to write a one-pager that sets parameters around what you’re exploring (benefits and results), without outlining exactly how to do it (features).