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Do you know why your best customers buy?

Answering this question with the voice of your customers is rocket fuel for sustainable growth and we're here to help 🚀
"My team's successful when they know both what our customers say and how to act on their feedback. As CX becomes the differentiator in a go-to-market strategy, customer insights matter now more than ever."
Connor Cirillo headshot
Connor Cirillo
Head of Conversational Marketing, HubSpot

Growing a software business is harder than ever.

The cost of acquisition continues to rise and today’s customers are inundated with choices. Creating a flywheel for sustainable growth in 2020 requires a deeper understanding of customers needs, behaviors and motivations than ever before.

But if you look closely, the answer to successful growth is no secret.

Companies that choose to adopt a product-led growth approach have over 2x valuation, 1.5x higher revenue,and 9% higher revenue growth compared to companies where internal processes for leveraging customer insights are lagging. Some food for thought:

  • 7 out of 10 companies speak to less than 10 customers a month
  • Only 12% of customers believe in “customer first” messaging
  • 81% of brands had stagnant scores for customer experience in 2019. 

In other words, the answer to sparking success often lies in channeling customer voices and values and placing them at the heart of your product and company.

What stops most companies from doing regular customer research?

One word: Time

The problem is that your time is already consumed by the day-to-day business of acquiring customers and managing your team. You don't have the additional hours or experience to dedicate effort to things like conducting in depth customer interviews, analyzing unstructured responses, and extracting the actionable voice of customer insights with your already overflowing to-do list.

Imagine if your growth strategy could be based on the real voice of customer insight. Imagine knowing that the time and money you invest in your next ad campaign, landing page design, or onboarding optimization would yield a positive return on your investment, increase your activation rates, and boost retention.

We believe that every business should have direct access to the voice of their customers. So we take time consuming customer research off your plate.

"I wish I could do research and I know it would help but the time it would take me to get only 80% as good as an expert is not worth the bandwidth taken away from things I’m actually an expert in."
Ben Kochavy headshot
Ben Kochavy
Head of Growth, ColdBru Digital

Need to make a business case for customer discovery?

We wrote this guide to help founders, marketers, and product managers understand how customer insights can help them increase conversions, reduce CAC, and generate more revenue.

This guide is based on my own experience helping companies grow through customer discovery and best practices from the worlds top companies.

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How our done-for-you research service works

We schedule customer interviews

First, we’ll schedule interviews at convenient times for your customers using our proven email templates.

We talk to your customers

Next, we'll conduct 30-45 minute Jobs-To-Be-Done interviews to understand your customers buying timeline.

We deliver actionable insight reports

You'll receive actionable reports along with call recordings and tagged insights to help your team make confident customer driven decisions.

Listen in on a Jobs To Be Done interview

Understand why your best customers buy

Rather than guessing what new visitors want, understand how your product fits into their big picture goals. Remove unnecessary friction and fast track their path to value.

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Increase the ROI of all your marketing channels

Enable your team with all the information they need to target the right people at the right time with copy that converts.

Illustration of measuring ROI

Overcome objections and close deals faster

Create a clear path to value for your best prospects. Remove objections and stop wondering why leads signup and then bail.

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The fastest-growing companies are built on deep customer insights

Get a better understanding of your customers today.
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